September 22nd is World Rhino Day, celebrating all 5 species of rhino: Black, White, Greater one-horned, Sumatran, and Javan rhinos.
Since its inception in 2011, World Rhino Day has grown to become a global phenomenon, uniting zoos, NGOs, cause-related organizations, businesses, and concerned individuals from all over the world.

September 22 provides an opportunity for us to celebrate rhinos and learn more about what we can do to help save the rhinoceros. Donors and partners are able to contribute to the organizations of their choosing. Class projects are a great way to inform students about the issues facing rhinos, and fundraising dinners are a great way to build more awareness about rhino poaching. Rhinoceros poaching occurs due to demand for the rhino horn. Many cultures believe the rhino horn is an important ingredient for health and well being. This is false. In fact, rhino horns have the same medicinal effect as chewing fingernails. The root of the rhino crisis is the myth that rhino horn is a valuable commodity. World Rhino Day highlights efforts to debunk the myths and eliminate the demand for rhino horn. While White and Black rhinos are native to Africa, other rhinos are native to southeast Asia and all are in danger. World Rhino day raises awareness about rhinos and the extinction they currently face. Please share, like, follow, and wherever possible donate.