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30 Jun

RHINO 911 honored for saving Rhinos.

RHINO 911 honored for saving Rhinos. Six animals including four adults and two calves have been saved since September of 2016. As a result RHINO 911 will be honored by the South African National Rhino Preservation Society for their achievements. ...

26 Jun

Welcome New Subscribers

Welcome Ewarn, Jacquie, Hennie, Jon, Kudu, Meg, Beth, Mike, and Corine. Thanks for subscribing, Sharing, Liking, Following and Connecting to share this important message. Rhino poaching has increased by 9,000% since 2007, with an average of 1,200 to 1,600 known incidents per year. DONATE today and HELP us save a species from extinction. ...

19 Jun

What is Rhino Notching?

Rhino notching is a form of identification. The rhino is tranquilized and during the veterinary procedure a DNA sample is taken and provided to the RHODIS database for identification.A microchip is inserted into their horn and their ears are notched so that they are readily identifiable to park rangers and caregivers. This is also a vital step in securing the rhinos and deterring poaching. Learn more from the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust. ...

29 Apr

Rhino 911 Founded

RHINO 911 was founded in September of 2016 to help the plight of the rhinoceros.ย  With a 9,000% increase in poaching for rhino horns in just the past few years and a valuation of $60,000 per pound or more, these magnificent animals are in trouble.ย  RHINO 911 is here to protect them from the air and on the ground. Join us. ...

29 Apr

Rescued Rhino Calf #2

Rhino 911 got the call of a baby Rhino seen running. Its mother was found after a poacher shot the mother and took a machete to hack off her horn while she was still alive. This is the Bell 407 taking off with Nico and Dr. Gerhardus to go search for the baby, it took over an hour and a half to find her in the vast park. She was hacked at by the poachers and wounded. Dr. Gerhardus administered...

25 Apr

Founding RHINO 911

The idea for Rhino 911 started in September 2015, when Fred and Nico met by chance in a business meeting. During the meeting, Nico talked ...

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