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30 Aug

Hurricane Harvey Relief Assistance from Rhino 911

Rhino 911 wants to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Texas so we have created a drop off center for items to be donated that we will transport to Houston, i.e. canned food goods, bottled water, Baby Supplies, Pet Supplies, clothing, etc. For the next two weeks the drop off center will be located at Reno Forklift, 171 Coney Island Drive, Sparks, Nevada. Please help us support relief efforts, every contributed item will make a difference to the people...

26 Jun

Welcome New Subscribers

Welcome Ewarn, Jacquie, Hennie, Jon, Kudu, Meg, Beth, Mike, and Corine. Thanks for subscribing, Sharing, Liking, Following and Connecting to share this important message. Rhino poaching has increased by 9,000% since 2007, with an average of 1,200 to 1,600 known incidents per year. DONATE today and HELP us save a species from extinction. ...

19 Jun

What is Rhino Notching?

Rhino notching is a form of identification. The rhino is tranquilized and during the veterinary procedure a DNA sample is taken and provided to the RHODIS database for identification.A microchip is inserted into their horn and their ears are notched so that they are readily identifiable to park rangers and caregivers. This is also a vital step in securing the rhinos and deterring poaching. Learn more from the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust. ...

Tracking Annual Rhino Kills
16 Jun

Tracking Annual Rhino Kills

Rhinos are among the most endangered species on the planet. For decades, they’ve been on the brink of extinction due almost entirely to the greed of mankind. Today, rhino horns are in such high demand that it’s quite literally worth more than gold or diamonds in terms of value by weight. This demand is driven in large part by the mistaken belief that rhino horns can cure a wide range of ailments, including things like arthritis, impotence, and cancer. But the...

What is a Rhino and How Many Types are There?
14 Jun

What is a Rhino and How Many Types of Rhinos are There?

The rhinoceros is a type of mammal characterized by a large size, herbivorous diet, and – most famously – their large nose horns that are part of each species of the animal. The rhino has a thick protective skin and are one of the largest megafauna left in the world. Only elephants are larger on land. There are five main types of rhinos. Rhinos are spread throughout Africa with some species in Asia. Here’s a look at the five different types...

South African Court Legalizes Rhino Trade
12 Jun

South African Court Legalizes Rhino Horn Trade – What Does This Mean?

For decades, the illegal market for rhino horns has become one of the biggest enterprises in the world. And in that time, conservation organizations like Rhino 911 along with various governments have worked to protect the animal by making the rhino horn trade illegal in any capacity. However, that’s about to change due to South Africa’s recent legal decisions. The country’s Constitutional Court has recently overturned the ban on selling rhino horns within its borders. This ruling allows for domestic sales...

Horns and Ecosystems Challenge Rhino Populations
09 Jun

Rhino Horns and Ecosystems Challenge Rhino Populations

The rhino has been at risk for decades, and while they were once very common throughout Africa and Eurasia today they are quickly vanishing from the wild. In fact, according to the World Wildlife Foundation, today only about 5,000 black rhinos remain in Kenya. And while that number is double what was alive just twenty years ago, it’s a far cry from the roughly 100,000 estimated to have been in the country in the early 20th...

Finding The Center Of The Poached Rhino Horn Market
07 Jun

Finding the Center of the Poached Rhino Horn Market

The greed of mankind could wipe the rhino species off the planet just as the buffalo were nearly destroyed. Today the rhino faces the same fate due to the increased demand for its horn. The horn itself isn’t much scientifically speaking. It’s a keratin structure that is really no different than your fingernails. However, due to ancient traditional medicinal beliefs that people simply won’t let go of no matter how much science disproves them, rhino horn is more in-demand than ever...

Czech Zoo Cuts Off Rhino Horns
05 Jun

Why A Czech Zoo Cut Off Their Rhinos Horns

The world was shocked in early March when it was discovered that poachers had broken into a zoo in France, killed one of the rhinos that lived there, and stole its horn for sale on the black market. It’s something that highlighted the growing problem of rhino poaching and the increasing demand for rhino horn in Asian countries like Vietnam and China. ...

A Closer Look at Rhino Horn Powder
02 Jun

A Closer Look at Rhino Horn Powder

Over the centuries, the world has lost numerous animals to the ether of time. Endangered species designations are intended to help protect certain animals, but sometimes a species simply vanishes. Rhinos are one example of an animal that is currently endangered and on its way towards extinction almost entirely due to the illegal rhino horn trade that operates primarily in Asian countries like Vietnam. Today, one kg of rhino horn can fetch as much as $100,000 on the black market, making...

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