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About RHINO 911

At RHINO 911, we are focused on providing new solutions for on-the-ground response to wounded Rhinos for the survival of the Rhino Species.
We provide emergency helicopter response to rescue Rhinos in peril. We utilize the most advanced search and detection technology. Our pilots use NVG to see what no one else can see. We have a dedicated crew of volunteer pilots and veterinarians who, at the first call for help, respond to the scene.
As the poaching crisis continues to escalate, we now receive up to 4 dispatch calls per day, the need for additional resources is reaching critical mass. We are the first line of defense and these fragile endangered species have.  We are the boots on the ground and the eyes in the sky to watch over rhinos.
We work with veterinarians and park ecologists to make sure these animals receive the best possible care when they have been injured or orphaned due to poaching.  They have earned our protection by having walked this earth longer than we have and survived, now the only threat they face is the criminal activity of the very few who do not care about preserving a species for future generations.
RHINO 911 is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit with formal registrations in the United States and South Africa.

Vision for South Africa

While we’re starting with the Rhinos we’re also working toward a future where every Province has the same infrastructure with advanced technology and air capabilities to respond to animals under threat of poaching including; Elephants, Lions, Giraffes, Cheetahs, and Leopards.
RHINO 911 is dedicated to assisting all species with our capabilities to ensure survival for the animals under the threat of poaching.

Founding RHINO 911

The idea for Rhino 911 started in September 2015, when Fred Hees and Nico Jacobs met by chance in a business meeting. During the meeting, Nico talked with Fred about the impending extinction of the Rhinos in South Africa due to exponential poaching and his 15 years of volunteer helicopter flying try to save the species. From there, Rhino 911 was born, with new solutions for rescuing orphaned baby Rhinos and Rhinos under siege by poachers.
The co-founders of RHINO 911 are Fred Hees, Nico Jacobs, Leoni Jacobs and Amer Smailbegovic who bring unprecedented on- the-ground experience in dealing with this crisis faced by the Rhinos. Together, they are creating a team who can bring a much needed infrastructure for aiding the Rhinos in medical emergencies.
On the scene treating the Rhinos, the RHINO 911 team has witnessed the some of the most horrific cruelty and torture that has been inflicted on Rhinos by poachers. RHINO 911 has been a part of some of the most heroic and courageous acts of people who are unwilling to stand by and let this atrocity continue by racing to the scene of the poaching incidents to bring medical aid to the Rhinos. It is a privilege to do this work to save these magnificent animals.

What you can do to save a rhino today

You can help build the much needed infrastructure that will provide 24/7 emergency helicopter response to all calls for help to save and rescue Rhinos. Together, we can ensure species survival.
The quickest way to help is to raise awareness. What is happening to the Rhinos is startling in so many ways. The Rhinos need all of us to be their voices. So follow us and spread the word.
Here you can see by category the items RHINO 911 will provide so that the team has the best operational capability for every one of our call-outs. Know that your money will go directly to fund these operational needs.
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Rhino Orphanages & Owners
Flight Operations
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