Save a Rhino, Save a Life

Your tax free donation could help save the lives of these majestic creatures, donations enable us to provide emergency helicopter rescue and treatment to Rhinos that have been injured or orphaned due to poaching as well as injuries from natuaral causes.

Donate to Rhino911 via Paypal.

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Who We Are

Rhino 911 - We provide emergency helicopter rescue to Rhinos injured or orphaned due to poaching and other injuries. We have responded to over 140 calls for help since our inception.

It is our great honour, duty and privilage to be working with these amazing creatures, we use every availble resource to ensure that they do not fade away into a memory, like so many other animals that have become extinct.  When you donate to Rhino 911, you are not just saving the life of one animal, but also investing in a future for Rhinos, not only in South Africa, but in countries around the world.
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For custom Donations (EFT) Electronic Funds Transfer
Banking Details: 
Bank: First National Bank
Account Name: Rhino 911 NPC
Account Number: 62655167495
Branch Number: 260146

Rhino 911
PBO 930055698
CIPC Registration 2016/453793/08

How are Donations used?

We believe in being transparent about how we spend donations. Head over to our page to see how your donations are used. You are also able to download quarterly reports on expenditures from here, detailing how donations have been spent.
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We are able to accept donations made via Instant EFT, including Debit or Credit card with the Visa or MasterCard logos. Donate securely via PayFast.


Avgas for Helicopter
Avgas for Helicopter $990.00

FUEL for Robinson 44 helicopter – 60L per hour @ $16.50 = $990 per hour.

Trail Camera & Internet
Trail Camera & Internet$8000.00
Trail Camera with Internet for surveillance in reserves & parks.
ICOM Ground to Air Radio
ICOM Ground to Air Radio$4000.00
We provide Park Ground staff with Icom ground to air radios that enable them to communicate with the Pilot in the Helicopter.
Rhino Orphan formula milk
Rhino Orphan formula milk$5000.00
We work with Rhino orphanages whom need Special formula Milk to provide for orphaned Rhino that we rescue.  (R1300 per 15Kg excluding any additional medication needed)  It costs R85,000 to wean a baby Rhino.